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GLOBAL CERTIFICATION EcO2 provides an internationally recognized certificate per completed treatment that EcO2 was requested to monitor. This certificate contains information provided and gathered by EcO2. EcO2 also provides specific certificates for containers or shipments on request of the customer. These certificates will be issued when EcO2 has also monitored the treatment applicable to this particular container or [...] MORE
Chamber & Container
CHAMBER & CONTAINER TREATMENTS Chamber Many products are best treated in airtight chambers. EcO2 offers this service to third parties in its treatment facilities in Vietnam and the Netherlands. However, these chambers can be built anywhere within your own manufacturing or storage facility, at any location worldwide. The volume capacity of the chambers depends on [...] MORE
Bulk & Tent
BULK & TENT TREATMENT Agricultural commodities used for food and feed are often stored in bulk inside silos and flat warehouses. Similar to bagged goods, these commodities might be infested, or attacked by various insect species. This can greatly undermine the quality and quantity of the product. EcO2 has a long experience in postharvest pest [...] MORE
SILO TREATMENTS Silos are used around the world for storing food and feed commodities. Regardless of how long these commodities are stored, they need to be protected against the damage that insects can cause. Preservation of the quality of the commodities is essential. After many years of experience in applying the Controlled Atmosphere technique to [...] MORE