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September 11, 2018

Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere

EcO2 in partnership with Storex constructs Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere (DCA) systems to increase post-harvest storage time of fruits while maintaining quality. DCA is an improvement on traditional Controlled Atmosphere (CA). Research concluded that DCA is more beneficial than regular CA. DCA technology reduces storage-diseases, maintains the fruit’s firmness, preserves the taste better and achieves a maximum reduction of scald, skin spot and pit rot.

Similar to traditional CA, the oxygen level is lowered in the DCA rooms and therefore the fruit will respirate less. A lower respiration of the fruit will slow down the process of ripening.

If the oxygen level is too low, the process of anaerobic fermentation will start. The existing sugar in the fruit will turn in ethanol, which gives the fruit a bad taste and the fruit cannot be marketed.

The optimal oxygen level varies and depends of variety, growing season and age/composition of the fruits.

Research showed that storing fruit at the lowest possible oxygen level will result in the maximum benefits of Controlled Atmosphere. Therefore, EcO2 in combination with Storex offers the DCA system to reach the lowest level, by accurately measuring ethanol levels using high-tech sensors and equipment.

This technology was initially developed by Wageningen University in The Netherlands and later on further developed by Storex to become an automatic detection system.

EcO2’s builds customized DCA preservation rooms at your preferred location.