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November 9, 2016

Controlled Atmosphere

The Controlled Atmosphere (CA) technique is applied to control pests in food supplies, and is extremely suitable for both preventive and curative treatments. This technique is based on the creation of a low-oxygen regime / content in a specially-constructed gastight treatment chamber.

The products are placed in these treatment chambers, after which the level of oxygen and  temperature is adjusted to the specific insect and product that needs to be treated. In this way we can guarantee a killing percentage of 99.997% of the insects in all life stages: eggs, larvae, pupae and adults.

The Controlled Atmosphere technique is environmentally friendly, without the use of toxic gasses, and it does not leave any residue. Another aspect of this technique is that no resistance can occur in the pest population.


Key advantages of EcO2 Controlled Atmosphere technique

  • 100% non-toxic treatment
  • No residual chemicals
  • No resistance in pest population
  • Independent of atmospheric influences
  • Safe for people
  • Applicable in production process
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Eradication of insects in all stages of development