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Controlled Atmosphere modules for Fruit, Vegetables, Flowers or Mushrooms

EcO2 is glad to announce its partnership with Janny MT. On the 24th of April, EcO2 signed an agreement with Janny MT as the distributor of Janny’s MT Controlled Atmosphere modules in Asia.
After 15 years of research & development on Controlled Atmosphere technology, Mr. Pierre Janny established Janny MT company in 2009.
By creating a low oxygen environment, these modules can be used to drastically increase the preservation time of fruits, vegetables, flowers or mushrooms.
Today, the modules are recognized and appreciated worldwide as unique storage preservation solution.
Below just a few examples of what is possible with Janny MT!

Product Normal cold storage Cold storage using Controlled Atmosphere modules
Early Apple 4 months 7 months
Chesnut 18 days 75 days
Grapes 1,5 months 3-5 months
Cauliflower 3 weeks 1,5 months
New potato 21 days 90 days
Roses 7 days 20 days

For more information, please contact salesvn@eco2.vn